Grant for first continuous pyrolysis plant in the UK

tyre pyrolysis

The firm behind the first continuous pyrolysis plant in the UK for end-of-life tyres, says it has received a substantial grant from the BEIS Invest to Grow grant scheme.

The grant recognises the innovation behind the project, says Carlton Forest Renewables, the jobs that it will create in the local community (both initially and long term), and the exciting plans that it has for tyre recovery and pyrolysis.

Scott Robson, Managing Director, Carlton Forest Renewables said the £5m invested by the group to date has been without the aid of grants. This latest investment “will take us into the next chapter of the plant,” which he said involved “fully continuous operations and the execution of growth plans with the commissioning of additional plants across the country.”

The University of Derby is involved with facilitating the Invest to Grow scheme, which provides repayable grants to businesses in the East Midlands to innovate, grow and create jobs. Grants between £15,000 and £250,000 are awarded.

“The team at Carlton Forest Renewables is really pushing the boundaries of waste recovery and we are looking forward to seeing the plant become fully operational in a few weeks’ time”, said Nic Thompson, Senior Project Manager, University of Derby. “The Invest to Grow programme has supported the company with funding to help set up the plant and drive forward the recovery of end-of-life tyres for renewable fuel, oil and power.”

The plant will seemingly commence 24/7 operations towards the end of 2021.

Further information about the Invest to Grow programme can be found by visiting Invest to Grow – GOV.UK.