A pumps package for quarry dewatering

Pump Supplies has developed turnkey pumping systems to control and manage water levels and discharge flows in an effective and efficient way for UK quarrying companies.

The system includes a bespoke monitoring and control solution that delivers the precise information and control to the pumping system to ensure that discharges are managed within the agreed compliance criteria.

Pump Supplies’ control and monitoring package includes a standard shipping container/control room which securely houses the pump control panel, control and monitoring analysers, data logging equipment and flocculent storage and dosing rigs. Pump Supplies also provides a maintenance programme for year-round peace of mind to site operators.

A back-up 65kva silent set generator with an AMF panel keeps the system active during power outages. An ultrasonic level controller provides start and stop signals to the variable frequency drives via the control PLC to dictate the process control. The PLC initiates the pumps and the flocculent dosing systems at predetermined lagoon levels and controls the pump speed and the flocculent dose rate proportional to the turbidity analyser 4-20mA output, thus allowing increased polymer contact time during high turbidity events.

A web-based telemetry system provides real-time status information, including lagoon level, pump status, flow rates and turbidity. Programmed alarm notifications send key personnel SMS and email alerts on a range of incidents 24 hours a day, seven days a week via a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.