Online learning provides solid foundation in pump technology

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Professionals in the pumps sector can gain a comprehensive foundation in all aspects of this technology through a suite of accredited courses available via the British Pump Manufacturers’ Association (BPMA).

The trade group – which represents the interests of UK and Irish suppliers of liquid pumps – is promoting the courses, an early arrival in the sector when first launched several years ago. It was the first suite of truly independent pumping technology training, which is still revered worldwide today, says the group.

Independently accredited and quality-controlled by the educational charity NOCN Group, the courses are offered in accordance with OFQUAL (The Office of Qualifications and Examination’s Regulation). It is thought to be the first such accreditation for the pump sector globally. The initiative also forms part of the UK government’s educational framework.

The courses guide.

Who are the NOCN and the RQF?
NOCN is a market-leading international Awarding Organisation (AO) and Government-approved End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO). NOCN Group includes NOCN, NOCN India Skills Foundation, C Skills Awards and One Awards. for more information, go to

The BPMA online courses are industry recognised, as well as being professionally-voiced and easy to follow. Access is via an easy registration process and secure payment

Overall, they provide a comprehensive foundation in all aspects of pumps and pumping technology, says the group, which allows a wider range of learners to obtain the qualifications they need, in a way that suits them. Those passing the final tests can take forward the credits they earn into apprenticeships, continuing professional development (CPD), and further education such as university entrance, enhancing CVs and aiding career progression.

There is a suite of two industrially and nationally recognised courses designed to raise the knowledge and awareness of technical pumping issues. NOCN certificates are awarded upon successful course completion and to address the wider issues covered by the courses, the BPMA also award their own graded certificate where a successful candidate can pass with a Credit or Distinction.

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