SuDS bible gets an upgrade

Roadside sustainable drainage systems in Salford.
Roadside sustainable drainage systems in Salford.

British Water has produced a downloadable guide to help engineering and construction professionals applying the CIRIA sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) manual.

“The How to Guide is intended to plug the gaps in the CIRIA SuDS manual to allow practitioners to use proprietary treatment systems with the simple index approach, and effectively design them into SuDS treatment trends,” said Daniel Jarman, group technology manager at Hydro International and one of the guide’s authors, at an event introducing the how-to publication.

“The Guide itself provides a common basis for the evaluation and selection of subcomponents and brings manufactured treatment systems onto a level playing field with those already presented in the [CIRIA] SuDS manual.”

The SuDS manual from CIRIA is recognised as the most comprehensive guidance available in the UK. It focuses on providing cost-effective planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of SuDS and a revised version was published in November 2021.

British Water’s guide provides:
· A comparison of the prevalent test protocols
· Design examples for manufactured SuDS
· Derivation of mitigation indices for proprietary systems
· Comparisons with field data
· Advice on applying mitigation indices to a range of products

The How to Guide has been introduced alongside the British Water code of practice: Assessment of Manufactured Treatment Devices Designed to Treat Surface Water Runoff, which was launched in 2016. When used in combination, the documents are intended to help users arrive at a full set of pollution mitigation indexes. Both British Water documents have been reviewed by CIRIA.

British Water’s How to Guide: Applying the CIRIA SuDS manual (c753) simple index approach to proprietary/manufacturers stormwater treatment devices is relevant for a wide range of professions and roles, from manufacturers to designers and local authorities or other approving bodies looking to understand and scrutinise the design and selection processes for SuDS