Podcast explores hedgerows and nature-based careers

The series is available on all major podcast platforms.

On 10 March, The Tree Council released the first three episodes of a new podcast series, Life On The Hedge, which explores “the magic of hedgerows and the wealth of green job opportunities available to young people in the UK”.

“In each episode, listeners will hear from a young person at the beginning of a blossoming career in nature and get the inside scoop on how to get started in a sector where the UK government has pledged to quadruple the number of jobs by 2030.”

The podcast is available on all major podcast apps. The first three episodes will be followed by two episodes on Thursday 16 March and the final episode on Thursday 24 March.

As the group explains:

“Hedgerows are amazing and they’re a crucial part of the solution to the environmental challenges our planet is currently facing – but our hedgerows are under threat, with more than 50% lost since WWII. And those that remain are often mismanaged or at risk.”

“Life On The Hedge explores just how brilliant these hidden heroes are and how young people searching for a nature-based career can get involved in protecting them. From horticulture to hedgelaying, conservation to wildlife monitoring, there are so many exciting jobs out there and Life On The Hedge is the ideal place to start. Listings for environment jobs have increased by 91% compared to five years ago, so career prospects are good.”

Themes covered include fighting climate change, biodiversity, urban hedgerows, hedgerow preservation, the role of hedgerows in our culture and hedgelaying. The series heads outside to demonstrate what it’s like to plant trees, cultivate native species, lay hedges, work with farmers and volunteers and discover the wildlife that depends upon our hedges. On The Tree Council’s website, further information will be available at www.treecouncil.org.uk/lifeonthehedge, with episode guests curating helpful resources and tips for listeners.

Sara Lom, CEO of The Tree Council, said: “The Life On The Hedge podcasts give an insight into the incredible world of nature-based careers and provide an opportunity for young people to find out more about how they can make a difference. Hedgerows are carbon-guzzling, pollution-absorbing, wildlife-sheltering wonders. Life On The Hedge allows all of us to get to know our hedgerows and how vital they are in growing a greener future.”

The podcast series is available on all major platforms (https://podfollow.com/life-on-the-hedge/view).