A Common Baseline

The revised European Standard for Olfactometry, EN13725:2022, was published in March, the first significant update of the standard in 19 years, according to odour consultancy firm Silsoe Odours, one of the contributors.

It specifies a method for the objective determination of the odour concentration of a gaseous sample using dynamic olfactometry with human assessors, as the group explains on its blog. The standard also specifies a method for the determination of the emission rate of odours from stationary sources, in particular: point sources (conveyed or ducted emissions); active area sources (e.g. biofilters); and passive sources.

The new standard is entitled BS EN13725:2022 stationary source emissions – determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry and odour emission rate. Silsoe explains that the goal of the standard was “to create a unified standard of olfactometry”, in order to improve the consistency and repeatability of practices between odour laboratories, achieve comparable results between laboratories, and support a means of connecting the results to a traceable reference manual.