Smart, affordable monitor

Instrument firm Oizom has launched an industrial-grade, single-parameter air quality monitor – AQBot – capable of measuring a range of gases in addition to particulate matter.

The compact, light-weight device provides real-time data and is intended to provide actionable insights for plant safety managers and the like.

AQBot is available in 14 variants supporting detection of a range of air pollutants including SO2, NO2, NO, TVOC, in addition to particulate matter like PM1, PM2.5, PM10, PM100. It also monitors noise.

Equipped with a quad-core ARM Cortex A-72 processor that enables it to handle multiple processes simultaneously, AQBot comes with 2GB RAM with 8 GB eMMC ROM that allows industries to store air quality data for 12 months in case of network connectivity disruptions.

The device supports communication protocols including MODBUS, CANBus, RS-485, RS-232 in addition to wireless communications like GSM, WiFi, and LoRa. It is powered by web-based user-friendly software.

Supported applications include environmental health and safety (EHS) monitoring, indoor air monitoring for industrial settings, process-control, and leak detections. AQBot can provide a comprehensive air quality monitoring system for paper and pulp industries, textile industries, leather industries, fisheries and cement manufacturing.

AQBot is described as “a comprehensive air quality monitoring system that offers accurate data with automation capabilities to suit Industry 4.0 requirements”.

The firm cites real-time performacne as a feature in addition to accuracy to ppb concentrations.

The monitor comes with a siren and strobe for audio and visual alerts to suit deployment in hazardous environments.

AQBot is housed in a NEMA 4X certified industrial-grade enclosure, and is made of composite polymers.