Sponsored Content: Ten years of innovation and leadership

AQ Mesh has been commercially available since 2012 and the firm says it the most proven and relied-upon small sensor system on the market. During the last ten years, the team at AQMesh has never stood still by continuously improving the design and functionality of the product in response to the many challenges that localised air quality monitoring has presented around the globe.”

Originally launched as a pod which could monitor only three or five gases, AQMesh has evolved over time to offer a single, compact system that can measure up to six gas pollutants from a choice of seven and particulate fractions including PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10, along with additional options for noise and windspeed and direction. A range of autonomous power supply options have been developed to suit almost any monitoring location, supported with seamless data delivery via the completely secure bespoke-built AQMeshData.net server.

The team has been able to continually demonstrate and prove the product’s high quality performance. Using extensive global co-location comparisons now spanning over ten years, the AQMesh team have consistently improved and developed sensor performance against certified reference and FEM-equivalent methods and has validated its small sensor technology for air quality monitoring applications.

AQMesh has always been at the forefront of the small sensor air quality monitoring market, investing in extensive testing and development that has paved the way for other manufacturers to follow in its footsteps, as well as defining data validation methodologies and providing blueprints for deploying city-wide networks. The team continue to research, test and develop AQMesh and push the limitations of small sensors to ensure the product remains more than fit-for-purpose and offers value for money in an increasingly competitive market whilst still retaining its core principles of proven high quality data, accuracy and unbeatable customer service.