Dust sentinel

Solar powered Zephyr® monitor installed on a post.

Engineering consulting firm Tetra Tech is using Zephyr® air quality monitors from air quality expert EarthSense as part of its dust monitoring service.

The service will enable construction companies, construction waste management sites and waste recycling centres to identify whether onsite activities, such as operation of diesel-powered machinery or the demolition of buildings, is affecting the levels of dust and to ensure emissions stay within safe guidelines.

Tetra Tech uses the EarthSense MyAir® web application to view the real-time and historic measurements taken by the Zephyr® monitors to identify the times and locations at which pollution spikes occur and to understand how workers and individuals living nearby are exposed to dust emissions. During such periods, measured data will be compared against urban background data to understand whether pollution episodes are related to its client’s activities.

The system is able to notify clients of any exceedances within 24 hours of occurrence, allowing the source to be identified and the correct mitigation measures put in place.