Comment: Government can easily avoid a costly legal battle on energy efficiency

Responding to the news that Greenpeace is exploring legal action over the likelihood that the Government will miss its energy efficiency-related target to lift millions out of fuel poverty, UK100’s Interim Chief Executive, Jason Torrance, said:

“Brits are amidst a bleak winter. Millions are facing fuel poverty. And they are understandably terrified about what the future holds when prices rise again in April.

“In that context, it is easy to understand the rationale for the Greenpeace lawsuit. But the Government can avoid a costly legal battle and raise hundreds of thousands of families out of fuel poverty by urgently adopting UK100’s oven-ready plan for an energy efficiency drive to alleviate pressure on the most vulnerable – and it won’t cost the earth.

UK100’s End the wait. Insulate. report outlines a plan the Government can implement to roll out an urgent social housing energy efficiency programme to reduce energy bills by up to £1,500 a year for tenants and kick-start a nationwide domestic energy efficiency drive.

The good news for the Chancellor is that the mid-term plan (2022 to 2028) laid out in the report won’t cost a penny more than has already been pledged to social housing energy efficiency spending.

He continued: “Our cost-neutral plan can help millions avoid another winter like this one. It calls for a locally-led energy efficiency strategy focused on social housing to slash household bills long-term, kickstart the energy market, create jobs, and accelerate Net Zero progress. 

“The more urgently it’s implemented, the more Brits it can protect from fuel poverty. It’s time to end the wait and insulate.”