New guide to synthetic turf recycling facilities in Europe

For those looking to dispose of synthetic turf in an environmentally-sensitive way, the EMEA Synthetic Turf Council (EMSTC) has launched a new guide to recycling facilities across Europe.

ESTC members have invested over €55 million in new responsible waste management facilities over the last 10 years, says the group.

Recognising these developments, the guide – Recycling Facilities for Synthetic Turf Systems in Europe – is intended to help identify and access services (pinpointed in map format below).

The document showcases the locations of 10 facilities across Europe, detailing the features they offer, which include mobile recycling, on-site separation and the recycling of infill, as well as the recycling of end-of-life synthetic turf.

PRN - how it works - infographic

Collectively, the Europe-wide network of recycling facilities boasts over 4.3 million m2 of processing capacity, which is equivalent to 500,000 full size football pitches.

ESTC has also created a guidance document identifying current options and best practice, as well as the legal obligations relevant to the disposal of surfaces.

The document references the EU Waste Framework Directive’s Waste Hierarchy.

Stefan Diderich, Director General at the EMEA Synthetic Turf Council (ESTC) said: “The increase in specialty recycling services across Europe signifies a positive development in sustainability efforts within the industry. This guide is intended to be a valuable resource for members and industry stakeholders. We therefore encourage the industry to share this document with customers, suppliers and other interested parties.”

“Maximising the service life of turf and preserving quality as far as possible is key, but there will come a point when the surface is no longer fit for purpose and needs replacing. That’s when you’ll need to consider options for end-of-life disposal.”

To access the latest version of the guide, visit: