Offshore geothermal pegged as game-changing baseload resource by white paper

Schematic showing offshore geothermal resource exploration and development adjacent to sea floor spreading centres. Such a location holds forth the potential to generate baseload power, fresh H2O, green H2 and NH3 with the potential for CO2 storage and controlled ocean fertilisation, according to CGG’s research (image credit: © CGG).

A white paper outlines the potential of offshore geothermal energy as a green energy resource of global significance and sets out a framework for its responsible development.

Authored by CGG, a firm providing data and services in Earth science and related areas, the document presents the group’s own research indicating the existence of vast, untapped geothermal resources along the magmatically active ocean floor spreading centres and adjacent flooded rift systems occurring in all the world’s major oceans.

These offshore areas could be optimal locations to harvest geothermal resources for power in conjunction with the co-production of freshwater, Green Hydrogen, and ammonia, collectively creating an alternative set of rapidly scalable green energy solutions. CGG has a published patent application for a novel combination of geological, geophysical, and engineering technologies to support research into and the exploration, development and monitoring of offshore geothermal resources.

With more than 25 years’ experience using its multi-disciplinary geoscience expertise and technology to undertake projects across the geothermal value chain, CGG is well placed to responsibly identify and assess the most prospective and suitable offshore geothermal locations and work with partner organizations to develop these resources. More specifically, its global geothermal data curation expertise, industry-leading subsurface imaging technology, and geological interpretation capabilities leveraging machine learning will play a key role in optimizing offshore geothermal well placement and production.

Peter Whiting, EVP Geoscience, CGG, said: “We strongly believe that geothermal energy as a baseload resource has a greater role to play in the future energy mix. The opportunity offshore geothermal resources present could be a game-changer in supporting the United Nations Development Programme’s 2023 Sustainable Development Goals including clean energy, climate action, and partnerships for sustainable development. While the patent application recognizes the exceptional work of our geothermal experts, our motivation for seeking it is to ensure that there can be rapid, responsible, and equitable development of these resources. We are delighted to publish this white paper and I’m proud that CGG will play an active role in supporting the development of this important global resource.”

Download CGG’s offshore geothermal white paper here.