PAS 402 certification is Scottish standout for Perthshire waste management firm

(left to right): Guy MacGregor Binn Group Head of Business, John Logan Director The Green Compass Scheme, Audrey Duckworth Binn Group Head of Environment, Allan MacGregor Binn Group CEO and Brian Harkins Binn Group MD.

Perthshire waste management specialist Binn Group has successfully secured PAS 402 certification, and as the firm’s announcement adds, this makes it the only Scottish company to currently hold the quality standard for resource management sector operators.

A nationally recognised standard, PAS (Publicly Available Specification) 402 certification underlines a company’s commitment towards sound environmental, health and safety and quality practices in managing waste. As Binn Group explains, the scheme follows a rigorous process set by the UK standards body BSI aimed at providing efficient, effective and measured solutions across recycling and energy recovery operations.

Binn Group achieved the standard through the Green Compass Scheme, which provides the only means of gaining UKAS accredited PAS 402 certification. During the accreditation process, Binn Group’s Head of Environment, Audrey Duckworth, led the proceedings with the company achieving a series of key performance targets for the collection, transport, recovery, treatment and disposal of waste along with the provision of detailed reporting and evidence of these activities. To maintain the PAS 402 standard, the company has committed to ongoing adherence to various high-performance specifications.

Established in 2001, Binn Group has grown to become one of Scotland’s largest independent providers of integrated recycling and waste management services. The company says it has also been at the forefront of adopting and promoting more sustainable practices across its waste management operations. Last summer Binn Group and its strategic partner Paprec Energies were awarded a 10-year, £50m contract by Perth & Kinross Council to treat residual waste and turn it into energy. More recently, the company teamed up with Robertson to help address the health and safety and environmental impact of disposable vapes across Tayside.

Allan MacGregor, Chief Executive at Binn Group, said: “I would like to pay tribute to Audrey Duckworth for leading us through the robust certification process.

“Securing PAS 402 assures our customers that any waste materials leaving their site will be managed according to strict standards with verifiable information to support their waste management audit process.

Paul Jennings, Managing Director of The Green Compass Scheme, said: “We are delighted to now have representation in Scotland with Binn Group securing a Green Compass Certificate demonstrating the company’s compliance with PAS 402.

“Binn Group is uniquely established as the pathfinder for the scheme in Scotland. We are confident they will serve as an industry leader in the waste management sector north of the border and we look forward to working with them to encourage others in the sector to take up the PAS 402 challenge.”