Training for repair work in explosive environments: Courses get a refresh

The Association for Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT) has revised and relaunched its internationally acclaimed Ex Repair course for individuals involved in repairing electromechanical equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres. This was in response to feedback from previous delegates, said the group.

The revised course builds on the success of the Association’s Ex Theory, Ex Hands-On, and Ex Refresher courses, consolidating the learning into one new course designed for both those new to Ex equipment repair and those looking to refresh their knowledge – either online or in person.

The AEMT’s Ex repair training is in line with the IEC standard for Repair Overhaul and Reclamation of Hazardous Area Equipment – IEC BS EN 60079-19:2019, which requires that “…all personnel are up to date with the latest techniques, safety standards and regulations relevant to explosive atmospheres.” The standard also requires that training be refreshed within a three-year timescale to ensure knowledge remains current.

This updated course brings those training in Ex repair for the first time alongside those refreshing their knowledge for the duration of the three-day course. As well as simplifying the offer to delegates and the companies they work for, the opportunity for those attending to network brings other benefits.

Thomas-Marks, General Manager and Secretary of the AEMT.

Thomas Marks, General Manager and Secretary of the AEMT, explained: “Bringing together new and established learners brings benefits as the more experienced delegates will ask questions that would not necessarily occur to those new to the area, while those with a fresh perspective often make observations those familiar with EX Repair may not consider. So, it adds to the learning experience for both groups.”

The courses are delivered face-to-face in locations across the globe, and now online as well, to improve access and offer a more sustainable solution where suitable.

Throughout the course, delegates are regularly assessed to help the trainers ensure knowledge is retained and upon completion of the course, a certificate of assessment is issued. The AEMT is a recognised training provider by the IECEx to Unit 005, so those pursuing certified competency (IECEx CoPC) are on the right course.

Companies looking to enrol staff on the training do not need to be members of the AEMT, but those who are, benefit from ongoing support related to the overhaul, repair, or reclamation of Ex equipment.

Further details of the courses, a schedule of forthcoming sessions and details of how to enrol can be found on the AEMT website at