Integrated solar roofs – how effective are they?

Residential home with integrated solar roof.
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Solar power technology has come a long way since it was first introduced as a way to generate renewable energy.

Gone are the days when homeowners had to deal with bulky, unsightly solar panels propped up on their roofs. People can now install integrated solar roofs, which blend discreetly and seamlessly into existing roof tiles. Keep reading to learn about the next generation of solar: integrated solar roofs.

How Powerful Are Integrated Solar Roofs?

These integrated systems are very effective. Some offer an output of up to 235W and an overall efficiency of up to 170 W/m².

A single 10kW solar roof can reduce CO2 output by up to 300 tons annually, shrinking your home’s carbon footprint.

Are Integrated Solar Roofs Watertight?

Yes, integrated solar roofs are watertight.

They operate like traditional solar panels but don’t get mounted on a home’s roof – they are the roof. This new type of roof utilises a standing seam design that is much more weather resistant due to the seam being raised above the roof. Their support is hidden underneath, ensuring your home’s aesthetics don’t get ruined.

The high-tech photovoltaic cells behave like roof tiles and are tough and waterproof.

When installed, the sleek panels get fastened using a unique metal roof fastening technique, ensuring they fit snugly and are 100% waterproof.

Is This The Next Step For Solar?

With its premium materials, unrivalled design, and ease of installation, this highly efficient solar technology is the future of green energy generation.

Roofit is the current leader in integrated roofs that use the standing seam design. Smartly Energy is the only UK Provider of the product and its founder, Ross Miller believes that integrated roofs are the energy-efficient solution for new homes, both for home owners looking to upgrade their existing homes and for developers who are looking for solutions that marry form and function.

Final Thoughts

For homeowners concerned about how installing a solar roof will impact their homes’ aesthetics, integrated solar roof panels are the answer.

These progressive solar technology systems are the roof and require minimal maintenance and offer impressive performance, helping homeowners reduce their energy usage and utility bills – as well as fight climate change.