The role of greywater recycling in ecological conservation

Row of bathroom sinks with mirrors above them. Greywater recycling system.This article contains paid for content produced in collaboration with Castle Water.

Greywater recycling systems are being used in homes and businesses all over the UK in an effort to reduce water usage. These innovative yet simple systems offer significant savings and help minimise your environmental impact.

Get the 101 on greywater reuse systems, including the key regulations and guidelines.

Understanding Greywater

Greywater is any water that has already been used on your property but has the potential to be reused. For example, the water used for taking a shower can be used for toilet flushing. However, greywater may contain pathogens and bacteria. For this reason, each permitted greywater use has its own treatment regulations.

Key Regulations and Guidelines for Greywater Use

When reusing greywater, it’s essential to abide by regulations and guidelines, including:

  • Recycled greywater used in irrigation systems must be applied directly to the soil. Sprinklers shouldn’t be used.
  • If you want to use washing machine and shower water for gardening or landscaping purposes, only use low-sodium detergents, shampoos, and conditioners.
  • If your greywater contains food debris and other organic matter, it must be treated in a septic tank before being reused.
  • Greywater system pipework should be instantly recognisable to those who come across it for the first time.

Steps to Implement Greywater Recycling in Your Business

While you can attempt to gather your greywater on your own, it is far more effective to invest in a proper greywater system. Without a retention system in place, you’ll only be able to use your greywater in the garden.

Complete greywater recycling systems require pumps, filtration systems, and tanks. Such a system will require upfront costs, but the water savings you’ll enjoy definitely justify the initial expenses.

Get in touch with a company that specialises in greywater systems and allow them to create a custom greywater recycling system for your property.

Final Thoughts

A greywater recycling system doesn’t only boost your business’s sustainability. It also has the potential to save you a significant amount of money each month. Resources like fresh water are becoming more expensive every year, greywater reuse can reduce your water bills significantly.