Utility pilots “transformative” AI approach in wastewater treatment

Anglian Water says transformation of its treatment and recycling processes is being made possible by trials of AI-driven software developed by Norwegian technology company...

Sponsored content: Maximising thermal hydrolysis production with the correct pump

According to government sources, there are 7,078 sewage treatment works (STW) in England and Wales, and 10,814 STW in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Pumping...

Sponsored Content: Purifiers remove microplastics and PFAS

Independently verified research by Swedish water technology firm Bluewater has apparently verified the efficiency of its water purifier technology at removing up to 99.99% of health threatening microplastics and chemicals such as toxic PFAS from tap water.

Mixing it up with energy savings

Replacing anoxic zone mixers with units that are far more energy efficient is providing a Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) in Connecticut with annual savings of $22,433, according to mixer manufacturer Landia.

Power-thrifty SAFs perform

Premier Tech Water and Environment has enhanced its range of Rewatec SAF sewage treatment plants to combine energy efficiency with an exceptionally high wastewater treatment performance.

A DNA “receipt book”?

Genetic techniques like CRISPR are being used to engineer cells to behave like living biosensors, capable of providing an unprecedented window into the behaviour of cells and, as such, to help with keeping track of changes in environments such as ponds and wastewater facilities.

PFAS catalyst pilot

Engineers at the University of Illinois, Chicago have been awarded just over $1 million from the US Department of Energy’s National Alliance for Water Innovation to build a system that selectively removes and destroys poly- and perfluorinated substances, commonly called PFAS, from industrial and municipal wastewater.

Dye removal

A synthetic polymer can remove certain dyes from water, and the polymer can be recovered and reused, according to the group behind it, from North Carolina State University. The findings offer a new potential method for cleaning wastewater produced by industries such as textiles and cosmetics.

Super sewer progress

Recent aerial photography shows some of the changes being made to the banks of the Thames during the construction of London’s 25-km super-sewer, Tideway. Now said to be three-quarters complete – and on-schedule to finish in 2025 – the 2.5m-diameter tunnel will provide an extra 1.6 million m3 of storage in London’s sewers.

£4m innovation contest

Ofwat, the economic regulator of water services in England and Wales, has announced a new "open access" competition for innovators, in an aparent widening of the scope of its existing £200 million Innovation Fund, and a bid to encourage more diverse ideas to transform the water sector.

National drainage awards

The first National Drainage Awards will take place on 23 November at Charlton Athletic FC, as part of the National Drainage Show. Organised by The National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC), the awards are “a long overdue recognition for the great job that so many contractors do day in and day out for their customers, often in emergency situations.”

Defra’s Storm Overflows Discharge Reduction Plan falls short, says conservation group

"We are appalled to see that Defra’s Storm Overflows Discharge Reduction Plan has not taken into account the thousands of responses to the draft...

Rainwater is no longer drinkable thanks to PFAS, say researchers

A perspective article by researchers from Stockholm University and ETH Zurich, published in August in Environmental Science & Technology, suggests that environmental contamination by...

Spiral conveyors keep sludge on the move in Egypt

At what is now the world’s largest water treatment plant, engineering firm SPIRAC has supplied 2km (1.24 miles) of shaftless spiral conveyors for moving...

Groundwater monitoring underpins management of the Great Fen

Securing a sustainable future for the Great Fen depends, in many respects, upon restoration derived from managing water levels. Wendy Strain from OTT...

Next UK prime minister must ban microplastics, says drainage group

The UK’s next prime minister should ban manufacturers from intentionally adding microplastics to consumer or professional use products, according to a new environmental campaign...

Water sector knowledge transfer service goes live

A knowledge-sharing and project showcase platform that will support the UK water sector with its innovation ambitions has launched. The Knowledge Transfer Service, from...

“Mono Muncher” sends biogas yields up in Spain, says firm

The Mono Muncher protects pumps from blocking by fine-grinding AD feedstocks such as municipal sludge and food waste. The installation of a Fluid Motion...

Comment: Water in the US – a decade of turbulence

As technology and innovation consultancy Isle celebrates the 10-year anniversary of its presence in the US water market, Cristina Ahmadpour, Isle president and...

Firms achieve first drinking water spray lining in AMP7

Morrison Water Services, a part of M Group Services’ Water Division, is working in partnership with Yorkshire Water to deliver a drinking water...