Thursday, August 11, 2022

Tag: UK Government

Hydrogen powered vehicle concept

Pop goes the diesel? Leaks and other hazards on the hydrogen roadmap

The race is on to develop the technology to exploit hydrogen fuel, widely regarded as offering the most promising pathway to a zero-carbon economy. And while it took over 40 years to bring solar and wind power to cost parity with legacy energy sources, those banking on hydrogen (everyone, it seems) are hoping to squeeze that development work into a much shorter timeframe. Envirotec surveys recent progress.

Big Changes to the Weee Regulations This Year

The UK Government is planning to consult on updates to the WEEE Regulations later this year. They are likely to result in major changes to the system, as compliance expert Recolight explains.

The new wave of interest

THE UK Government has launched its £20m scheme that will support two pre-commercial projects to demonstrate the operation of wave and/or tidal devices in...