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QUANTITECH, the monitoring equipment specialist, has launched a new generation of automatic isokinetic samplers that it says brings new levels of speed, accuracy and reliability to the sampling of particulates and gases from chimneys, stacks and ducts.
The Tecora Isostack G4 (4th Generation) automatically records measurement values in addition to equipment configuration data to improve the reliability and traceability of monitoring results. Compliant with international standards and compatible with existing probes and sample trains, the G4 offers stack testers the opportunity to automate their sampling procedures and generate .xml reports quickly and simply.
The G4 is available in two versions (both with 4 or 8 m3/h pump): as a single complete unit with built-in display and keyboard or as two separate units; a small lightweight intelligent controller, and a larger heavier sample pump, which means that the controller can be used at the measuring point while the pump unit can be located at a more convenient location.


Left: The Gasmet DX4000 is now available for hire. Right: The fourth generation Isostack (above)allows testers to generate reports more quickly.

Quantitech’s Dominic Duggan said: “The simplicity of the G4’s operation is a major advantage because, coupled with the automatic reporting capability, it will reduce the time spent setting up the system and improve reliability. We also believe that the G4-2 will be particularly popular because it limits the size and weight of equipment that has to be carried safely to the monitoring location.”
Quantitech has also announced that the MCERTS approved Gasmet DX4000 continuous emissions monitoring system is available for hire.
Able to monitor multiple gases simultaneously even in emissions that are hot, corrosive and high in moisture, the DX4000 is suitable for a variety of gas analysis applications. The company’s Andrew Hobson said: “The DX4000 is popular for renting because of its portability and flexibility. It has the same capability as a rack-mounted CEMS but provides users with the ability to measure almost any gas at multiple sites, so it can be used to verify fixed CEMS, and for research and investigative work. It is also often hired as customers ‘try before they buy’.”
Calcmet software is supplied with the analyser and results can be displayed in ppm, mg/Nm3 or Vol-%. All measurement data and spectra can be stored for later analysis.

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