‘It’s vital to work together’


TRUNK main monitoring expert Syrinix welcomed nearly 40 water management professionals to its first innovation conference recently to share knowledge of utility infrastructure management.
The event at the company’s Hethel Engineering Centre was attended by representatives from Thames Water, United Utilities and Anglian Water, as well as consultant engineers, technology providers and investors who heard speakers including Rupert Kruger, head of innovation at Thames Water, Mark Oliver of Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions and John Reader, innovation specialist from the National Grid.
Samuel Crisp of IBM said there is an increasing focus across sectors on data and innovative technologies to ‘smarten’ utility network management and reduce expenditure while Ken Rumph, director of CleanTech Research at Nomura Code, outlined how the ability to collect, interpret and use data proactively supports network optimisation as well as making a good investment proposition. Syrinix said a number of utility delegates noted how partnerships between utility and data companies will become even more crucial in the future, as energy costs rise and government and EU deadlines on energy usage get closer.
In his keynote address, George Freeman MP said that at a time of recession, the vital role of small companies working together to generate new ideas and ways of working, leading to new revenue streams and optimal waste-free operations, is critical to regional and national growth.

Image: George Freeman addresses the delegates.