Portable equipment employed to accelerate remediation work

PORTABLE equipment has been employed to accelerate remediation work at a project in London’s Kentish Town.
Cognition Land and Water, a remediation specialist, hired a portable XRF metals analyser to accelerate works which were having a major impact on residents. Cognition’s Charlie Jarvis said: “It would not have been possible to meet the deadline without the use of portable analysers because they enabled us to make decisions onsite without having to wait for the results of laboratory analysis.”
The equipment provide fast, non-destructive, qualitative and quantitative assessment of metals and alloys in a variety of materials.
The analysers are employed in remediation work to guide earthmoving equipment to soil contamination ‘hot spots’, thus resulting in less soil removal and lower costs. These instruments can perform in-situ or ex-situ soil analysis.

Portable XRF metals analyser