Demolition specialist reports fuel savings with diesel conditioner

Green technology firm SulNOx Group describes a trial of one of its diesel conditioner products.

Fuel consumption savings of up to 7.59% have been verified in a three-month series of trials with trucks owned by UK contractors MGL Demolition, part of MGL Group, using the product SulNOxEco Diesel Conditioner. The trial has been followed by MGL Demolition’s purchase of an Intermediate Bulk Container (approximately 1,000 litres capacity) of SulNOxEco through master distributor A&S International (A&S).

The company’s evaluation ran from Monday 6 February 2023 to Friday 28 April 2023, and used four Scania tipper trucks – two new and two older vehicles. MGL Demolition has provided pre-trial baseline fuel consumption data for the trucks. In the trial, the SulNOxEco Diesel Conditioner was added to the trucks at the end of each day using a small measuring container, with the amount depending on how much diesel had been used to top-up the engines (typically approximately 200 litres). Using the recommended 1:2,000 mix ratio, if 150 litres of diesel was added then 75ml of SulNOxEco Diesel Conditioner was also added to the fuel tank.

Fuel usage data was provided via telemetry at the end of February, March and April, and the trial reviewed any fuel savings. The results showed a pattern of savings in line with other SulNOx clients: smaller savings after the first month, rising to approximately 8% during month 3. The fuel savings were recorded as follows:

February 2023 4.37% improvement in fuel consumption
March 2023 5.26%
April 2023 7.59%

Average 5.74%

MGL Demolition’s haulage fleet consumes 80,000 litres of fuel per month. An annual consumption of 960,000 litres of diesel would only require 480 litres of SulNOxEco. An average fuel reduction of 5.74% for the business would equate to 62,400 fewer litres of diesel being consumed per annum. A fleet of 40 trucks would enjoy a net saving of £173,000 per annum, representing a 900% Return on Investment (ROI). Further maintenance savings may be available owing to typically reduced AdBlue consumption, fewer sensor replacements and a lower incidence of filter problems, together totalling an additional 1-2% of savings.

Ben Richardson, CEO of SulNOx, said operators of truck fleets “are running as hard as possible to cut costs while minimising their environmental impact as they strive towards a zero-carbon future. SulNOx is happy to be part of the solution in balancing both these challenges.”

Angus Macdonald, Managing Director of A&S said: “MGL Demolition’s evaluation results are compelling. We are very pleased to have ordered our first SulNOx stock for MGL and look forward to working closely with SulNOx to identify further benefit for our clients, not only in the UK but globally.”

Paul Hutchinson, Sustainability & Compliance Director of MGL Group, said: “We were very impressed by the potential for both savings and environmental gains from using SulNOxEco in our diesel vehicles. The ease and speed of using the product makes this an exciting development in how we manage our fleet as efficiently as possible.”