Stormwater management for Twickenham Academy

Stormwater management specialist SDS is to provide the attenuation system for the new Twickenham Academy, a college specialising in sports and digital technology.
Due for completion at Easter next year, the building is based on an innovative Swedish design and will be three storeys high. Ground works and reinforced concrete firm Amery Construction worked with SDS Ltd to meet the specification needs of the main contractor.

Because of the area of catchment, an attenuation tank has been installed to hold storm water in times of heavy rain and release it via a vortex flow control into the main storm system. SDS supplied and installed the attenuation tank using its GEOlight units, with a storage capacity of 200m3.
Construction was phased so that all the specialist facilities could be used throughout the process. The excavation was closed up a week ahead of schedule allowing more access for following trades.
Although GEOlight was not originally specified for the project, SDS said it was confident it would be able to produce a system that would meet requirements. Systems can be designed to cover all situations and site constraints.