Cash calculator can cut costs on construction sites

WASTE processing expert and equipment supplier Worsley Plant has been showing customers affected by recent HMRC guidance how to save cash.
Its new savings calculator was on show at the recent RWM exhibition and is used to work out how much the demolition, skip hire and waste management industries could save if they used the Flex X Tract and Max X Tract density separators to process their commercial and industrial (C&I) and construction and demolition (C&D) wastes. It calculates the proportion of high-quality materials that can be extracted to generate a revenue stream as well as the landfill volumes it cuts.
Managing director Sean Heron explained: “Recent HMRC guidance on landfill tax particularly in relation to trommel fines means this machine is making more of an impact and helping those businesses who manage large volumes of waste material to reduce their costs whilst improving environmental performance.”
The Max X Tract uses the latest technology in material separation and helps businesses processing waste to extract valuable material from its trommel fines, in turn reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.
One example is Wheeldon Brothers in Bury, Manchester, which has cut disposal costs by more than 90% since the Max X Tract was installed earlier this year. The company’s James Wheeldon said: “Having the Max X Tract means we are extracting a significant proportion of material, much of which we can sell rather than paying to get rid of, so it is keeping our costs down when waste disposal costs are rising.”