Unfinished business but it’s still a winner

A waste water project in Scotland has won a top environment award… and it’s yet to be finished.
The Scottish Water scheme in the village of Cartland, near Lanark, scooped a Green Apple award and although construction is yet to be completed, judges said the zero carbon treatment facility was such an innovative and environmentally sustainable example that it should receive the prize for environmental best practice. Now the project may be chosen to represent Scotland at the European Business Awards for the Environment.
The £1.5m project is part of a pilot study to investigate the feasibility of low carbon emission treatment works. It will feed a horizontal sub-surface and vertical flow wetland treatment system before discharging very high quality effluent to a waterway. Total site footprint is 3000m2, with the wetland area taking up 550m2.
Paul Sharp, construction manager at Scottish Water Solutions, said: “Our core aim was always to install a facility that will serve the village but be harmonious with the surrounding environment. There is a small sensitive watercourse nearby that the final effluent will discharge into called the Brocklinn Burn. The project will protect the natural environment in the burn and ensure that the waste water treatment for Cartland continues to meet strict EU guidelines.”
“After discussion with SEPA [Scottish Environment Protection Agency] it was decided that we would construct a new works near the A73,” said Sharp. “This location also offers access to the site through a dedicated access road, which is favourable to the current set-up where we have to go through the village.”
The Cartland project is being carried out by Scottish Water Solutions, the joint venture team made up of top engineering and construction companies. During the first two years (2010/11 and 2011/12) it has constructed around £150m worth of projects including treatment works, water mains, sewers and networks.
In a double win, Scottish Water has become the world’s first water utility to achieve gold certification status from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. It recognises the company’s excellence in procurement and supply chain policies and practices.
It is the first Scottish organisation – public or private – and first water utility in the world to achieve the gold standard.