Community Biogas Scheme in Ireland benefits from Landia Chopper Pump

A Landia chopper pump is helping a community-owned district heating scheme in Ireland save around 60,000 Euros pa.
The long-shaft Landia pump has been handling heavy duty mixed waste, including slurries and fats for an anaerobic digester biogas plant operated by Beoffs in County Kilkenny.
Renewable energy generated by the plant serves local residents and a village hall in the area, but its primary beneficiary is the nearby school run by Camphill Communities of Ireland, part of an international charitable trust that works with people who have intellectual disabilities and other kinds of special needs.
Landia’s chopper pump, which handles sewage sludge, food waste and various greases, as well as dairy slurry from three local farms, has been in operation for over four years. Consultation and installation was carried out in close conjunction with Drilling & Pumping Supplies (DPS) of Newtownards, with whom Landia have worked on several successful projects in Ireland.

Jimmy Chadwick, Plant Manager at Beoffs, commented: “This is hardly the easiest process for a pump, but the Landia unit has proved extremely reliable and effective, despite everything we’ve thrown at it. Landia have also been very practical with their help in ensuring that this important part of our biogas process works properly. They always give us great back up”.
Chadwick explained that this local community district heating system also provides valuable digestate/fertilizer to those farmers who have first provided the dairy slurry for the DAFF-approved AD plant. Located in Callan, County Kilkenny, the Beoff plant also benefits from income generated by a gate fee for the waste it takes in.
Paul Davies, Landia’s UK & Eire Sales Manager, added: “This is a very positive and well-run AD/biogas project, with which Landia is proud to be associated. Comparable to many community-based plants on the Continent, there are clear long-term benefits to be gained from everyone having an interest and understanding in recycling waste for the greater good”.
Pioneered by war refugees in Scotland almost 70 years ago, Camphill today in the Republic of Ireland comprises 18 communities, home to around 500 people, plus day attendees. Worldwide, there are 100 Camphill communities in 20 countries.
Caring for the land is an integral part of Camphill’s work. Communities practice bio-dynamic agriculture, offering first-hand opportunities for its people to learn organic farming and gardening methods.
At the core of the Camphill community is the recognition of the dignity of people with mental disabilities. As part of the giving and sharing in communal life, less importance is given to the material equivalent of the work that is done by those who care for them.
Landia’s emerging agreement with Drilling & Pumping Supplies (DPS) sees the Newtownards-based firm stock and supply a broad range of Landia mixers and pumps, with a full back up service also provided to customers.


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