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GasMix system

Time to get things moving?

Envirotec asked Landia about their decision to retrofit its GasMix digester mixing system to a legacy AD tank .

The logistics of salmon waste

With aquaculture production sites widely dispersed throughout remote parts of Scotland's Highands and Islands, the logistics of fish waste collection and treatment is always going to be difficult... or is it? Pumps and mixers expert Landia presents its own experience in the following case study article
Faxe Treatment Plant

Power thrift seals mixer deal

Slow-speeds that equate to low energy consumption have won Landia an important mixer order in eastern Denmark

Small scale energy generation sets the scene for “next generation agriculture”

Describing your technology as "a slurry tank with a lid on" is unlikely to win any marketing awards, but with nine successful farm-based AD...

Poultry wastewater aerated in Saudi Arabia

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Landia’s AirJet is said to be playing a key role in the success of the aeration and wastewater...

The acid food waste test

Mixers and pumps made by Landia are said to be playing a vital role in the success of the Bygrave Lodge AD plant in...
Food waste can be too thick to pump, leading to blockages in pipelines and bends.

Food waste at AD plants prompts demand for better pumps

Incorrect pump specification is rapidly catching up with AD plant operators who are trying to make their agricultural digester perform like an industrial chemical...

Community Biogas Scheme in Ireland benefits from Landia Chopper Pump

A Landia chopper pump is helping a community-owned district heating scheme in Ireland save around 60,000 Euros pa. The long-shaft Landia pump has been handling...