Lincoln scheme drives forward

WITH the pipework due for completion early this year, Anglian Water’s £44m raw water reservoir and water treatment works in Lincoln is pushing towards its target dates of completion by the end of this year and to be operational by autumn 2014.
The AMP5 infrastructure scheme, being delivered by main contractor Galliford Try, is to ensure security of supply as the population continues to grow. The 250-megalitre reservoir has been designed to store water supplies equivalent to the volume of 100 Olympic-sized swimming pools and the water will be transported to the treatment works via a new pumping station and underground pipelines.
PE pipe from GPS PE Pipe Systems was specified by Anglian Water in preference to ductile iron because of its flexibility and longevity as well as the scope it offered for using different sizes of pipe to match the pressure requirements on various parts of the new infrastructure, leading to savings in costs and raw material consumption.
The reservoir is being built on a raised site near Newton-on-Trent, and will store water taken from the River Trent. The treatment works will be constructed on the opposite side of the A1133 and the raised location of the reservoir in relation to the treatment facility will allow Anglian to move the water into the works by gravity while protecting the new infrastructure from flooding.
The PE pipe will be used for the raw water main that will run from the intake pumping station to the reservoir, the raw water gravity feed pipe linking the reservoir to the water treatment works and the raw water main bypass from the pumping station to the treatment works. Additional PE piping will be used to create the treated water main connecting the water treatment works to the service network.