No need for calibration

Cable avoidance tools and signal generators have made significant progress since their introduction as safety products in the early 1980s. The addition of digital signal processing technology and liquid crystal displays and depth measurement have all contributed to improved locating performance.
Other developments such as case moulding techniques and higher quality electronic component manufacture have made the cable avoidance tool of today a more robust and reliable tool. Yet, despite the improvements there is one area of locator ‘ownership’ that has been slow to change; manufacturers’ stipulations of the need for products to be periodically calibrated and serviced. That has changed with the launch by C.Scope of a new range of cable avoidance tools that do not require periodic or annual recalibration.
The company said its new range incorporates better software, hardware and quality control, and the need for periodic calibration checks has been ‘designed out’. At the same time, the products remove the significant recurring yearly costs traditionally associated with ownership.