Unlock the block – Welsh water campaign

WELSH Water has launched a year-long campaign to encourage the public to help reduce the risk of pollution and sewage flooding.

Blocked sewers are described as “a very serious problem” that costs the water authority more than £7m a year to clear. “They cause huge human misery, damage to homes and businesses, and can cause major pollution to our beautiful rivers, beaches and wider environment in Wales,” the company said.
Customers will learn how they can do their bit to stop sewer blockages from causing flooding in their homes and communities. Individuals and businesses will also be asked to join the campaign by signing our online pledge.
Director of waste water services, Steve Wilson, said; “Cutlery, giant cuddly toys, cans, bricks, mobile phones, tricycles – it’s surprising what we find in our sewer network. Of course, these unusual examples are quite rare. Most of the 2,000 blockages we deal with every month are caused by everyday items put down the toilet such as wipes, sanitary towels, cotton buds and dental floss as well as fat, oil and grease that people have put down their drains.
“A lot of people aren’t even aware that these items can cause sewer flooding and pollution in their homes and communities. It is actually illegal to throw or empty anything into our network that’s likely to damage a sewer or drain or to interfere with its free flow.”
He added: “With the collective support of enough people, we will be able to reduce the blockages, floods and pollution that cause so much distress.”