Profiling pollution – Bluesky launch air quality mapping service


AERIAL mapping company Bluesky is launching a service to map air quality across towns and cities. Having successfully completed a project to map air pollution in the city of Leicester Bluesky is seeking new sites in the UK to trial what it claims is a “ground breaking” survey technology.

The Airborne Air Quality Mapper (AQM) trials will use the University of Leicester’s Compact Air Quality Spectrometer, mounted on a dedicated aerial survey aircraft. The device monitors visible light and measures how much light is lost at specific wavelengths absorbed by NO2.
The technology has previously been used as part of the CityScan project with devices mounted on tall buildings in Leicester, Bologna and London. This ran during the Olympics and helped build 3D maps of pollution across the cities.
“We are trying to arm those responsible for managing our cities and protecting our health with the data they need to make informed decisions,” said Bluesky’s James Eddy.