Desulph expertise employed at AD sites


CSO Technik has recently being selected to deliver a number of large biogas desulphurisation projects, ranging from those employing dry media – using CSO’s KombiSkrub™ system – to large and complex multi-stage processes, specifically designed for gas upgrading systems.

One recent project has combined a pair of biological scrubbers with a specific H2S polishing stage. The gas is passed through a system of carbon scrubbers to ensure total removal of VOCs. This is then coupled with gas boosting under full automated control. As a result, the system gives confidence to the operator in the quality of gas being used in the downstream process.
Thom Gornall, CSO’s Sales Manager states: “CSO have recently been entrusted with the essential process of gas cleaning prior to biogas upgrading and usage by gas engines on a number of sites, this is down to our experience providing guaranteed solutions for the treatment of gas in a wide variety of situations.
Biological treatment provides a long term solution reducing Opex on all AD sites. It can reduce the requirement for engine maintenance or, coupled with a sentry polishing stage, can provide the necessary guarantees for injecting gas to grid.”
The systems provided by CSO Technik can also be used at the back end of the gas upgrading process, allowing the off-gas and contaminated effluent air to be cleaned to a standard that is acceptable for emissions.