Solar sense


ENVIRONMENTAL monitoring and management specialist Enitial has installed solar panels at its head office in Wolverhampton in a bid to offset its carbon emissions.

The new Renesola solar panels have a capacity of 30,000W and an estimated annual output of 25,980kWh, enough to power nearly half a million light bulbs. At 1.6m2 each, the 120 panels cover a total area of 192m2. With the installation, Enitial hopes to lead by example by embracing renewable energy sources, and will offer the service to other businesses in the future.
The project is the brainchild of newly appointed low energy and solar pump liaison manager, Shaun Grainger, who set out to make the office more energy efficient when he joined the company last year.
With a short payback period of just five years, the panels will prove to be a great long term investment and protect the company against electricity price rises as well as improving enitial’s carbon footprint.
Shaun explains: “The CO2 emissions saved by the solar panel system will be around 13,743 kg per year, equivalent to more than the amount of CO2 produced on two return flights from London to Sydney. Turning to renewable energy is just the first step for enitial; I’m looking forward to developing our solar offering to our clients.”