Chemically-resistant coating used in UK biogas storage vessel


The shaft and paddle are exposed to
the corrosive influence of the biogas.

A large biogas plant in England has employed one of Ceramic Polymer’s highly resistant coatings on four specific paddle mixers.

The shafts and pillar constructions were coated with one layer of the chemically-resistant premium product Proguard CN 200 using airless spraying methods.
With the shaft and paddle construction placed within the biogas and biomass mixture, the steel components are steadily exposed to the highly corrosive influence of the biogas.
A coating system with excellent physical properties and resistances is essential for this kind of application, says Ceramic Polymers.
For moisture-proof sealing of the corrodible screwings a special coating paste from Ceramic Polymer’s sister company Ultra Perform Coatings GmbH was applied, namely Ultra-Perform Z-2 F, a high-quality repair grout with specific fibre-reinforcement.
Ceramic Polymer GmbH produces high-quality, solvent-free protective coatings for different kinds of industries.
Due to the integration of microscopic ceramic and other special particles, coating systems with outstanding physical properties such as excellent chemical resistances, high temperature stabilities and extreme abrasion resistances are generated.
The Ceramic Polymer coatings can be applied directly to the blasted substrate (e.g. steel, stainless steel, concrete) without any requirement for a previous coating of primer. The company says “extreme adhesion” is achieved by this means.
The company says its coatings are suitable for all kinds of storage tanks, pipelines and process vessels, including those used in the oil & gas industry as well as different maritime constructions, and tanks used to store waste water or drinking water.
In this English biogas application, the height of the stirring units were approximately 5m. The material used for the paddles is stainless steel without coating.
The bolted areas of the construction employed additional sealing with Ultra-Perform Z-2 F.
The manufacturer of the paddle mixers is Steverding Rührwerkstechnik GmbH. And the coatings were applied by SLP Beschichtungs GmbH.

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