AMP6 accord

A collaborative agreement between water treatment specialist Ovivo and wastewater technology expert M&N Electrical & Mechanical Services will provide water companies with peace of mind, faster turnaround and added value as AMP6 approaches.

As the industry gears up to minimise total costs of operation and get the most out of existing assets, the two companies will work together to offer customers quality engineered OEM replacement parts for Ovivo’s mechanical equipment and a fast response to repairs, refurbishments or service needs – on or off site.
Ovivo’s Alex Lloyd said: “This is a positive move that will definitely help the water companies meet their AMP6 requirements. We invest a considerable amount of resource into the design and manufacture of our equipment and spare parts to ensure that our customers are always supplied with a quality product that meets customers’ requirements, so this new agreement will ensure a timely, professional service – and importantly give total confidence that they are being provided with the very best OEM parts and service”.
M&N’s Stuart Spinney added: “This collaborative agreement, which has been reached after working with Ovivo for many years, is good news all round. Water companies will be rest assured that their equipment, such as inlet works, are protected, robust and operationally efficient, with the right parts and with no delays”.
As part of the new agreement, Ovivo has also granted Certified Service Provider status to M&N in the provision of servicing across selected geographical regions. As an inlet works specialist with operational hubs in Dorset, Essex and Scotland, M&N (established 1989) has a highly trained and specialised workforce for the dedicated repair, refurbishment and servicing of inlet works.
Ovivo’s extensive portfolio of inlet technologies includes the Brackett Green® and Jones+Attwood (J+A) screening and grit removal systems, as well as the Detritor® and Jones+Attwood Jeta® grit traps and Copa® RBC and SAF biological treatment systems.