Herbicide-free weed control system goes on trial

The Foamstream product is said to contain no harmful ingredients and is not classed as a herbicide.

A UK herbicide-free weed management company is challenging five major industry partners to test out its MW-Series and Foamstream weed control system, to prove its performance against traditional weed control products.

The weed control challenge will be the largest programme of its kind ever undertaken in the UK, suggests Weedingtech, originator of the novel herbicide-free weed control alternative. It aims to showcase the product’s viability against a backdrop of growing concern about the use of glyphosate-based products.
Weedingtech has the backing of a number of high-profile investors including Roman Abramovich’s Ervington Investments and Jon Moulton and family.
The challenge is being taken up by major players in the amenities, agricultural, environmental and recreational sectors and the partner group comprises Yeo Valley Family Farm, South West Water, South West Lakes Trust, Quadron Services and G’s – the fresh produce company. All participants were carefully selected for their commitment to reducing the use of herbicide-based weed management products within their operations.
Partners will be challenged to put Foamstream through its paces in a variety of settings, from areas of outstanding natural beauty and public parks, to children’s playgrounds and working farms. The challenge will allow participants to experience and directly compare the product’s efficacy against traditional glyphosate-based weed management products.
Controversy about herbicide-based weed control – in particular the use of glyphosates – is increasing among environmentalists and the public. High-profile campaigns, like the Hackney anti-glyphosates campaign led by fashion designer Katharine Hamnett and backed by Weedingtech, are driving mass awareness of the potential health issues associated with these chemicals. The UK is lagging behind other countries in the EU when it comes to a ban on herbicides.