Still plenty of oil in the tank after all these years

King Tanktechnic Ltd

TANK specialist King Tanktechnic Ltd (KTL) was shortlisted for a Milestone award at the Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration’s 2014 Awards in Coventry on 5 November. This was in recognition of its long-standing experience in professionally lining, repairing and refurbishing forecourt fuel tanks – 21 years lining over 1000 vessels and 23 years of tank cleaning.
The firm lines its tanks using the tried and tested ADISA lining system, which can be used to create a completely sealed, renovated fuel tank quickly and effectively. Fuel tank lining is always more cost effective than tank replacement, says KTL, and can minimise downtime and disruption to your business, as the lining process is quicker and more efficient than tank replacement.

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