Gas measurement expert is focused on the future

ET is supporting the latest laser-based instruments. For example the Teledyne API T500U CAPS NO2 analyser (right) measures NO2 directly using laser spectroscopy and is said to be faster, more precise and simpler to maintain compared to traditional methods, while using less power.

Stroud based air quality monitoring equipment specialist Enviro Technology Services Plc (ET) has recently celebrated 32 years in business. According to ET’s Managing Director, Duncan Mounsor, the longevity and success of the company comes down to quality, innovation and customer support. “ET has been at the forefront of air quality monitoring technology and systems integration from the very beginning. It was also one of the first companies to recognise the importance and value of equipment service and maintenance, protecting clients’ capital investment in equipment.”
The company now employs 40 staff and has service bases across the UK and Ireland and clients include local authorities, government departments, universities and industry. ET also exports systems world-wide and the current country tally now stands at 62. ET’s systems and analysers can be found on every continent, even Antarctica.
Also, key to ET’s success is the ongoing introduction of new products especially the widespread take-up of laser based instruments for gas and particulate analysis. As well as supplying some of the older, more traditional instrument technologies often written into reference method standards and EU directives, ET is very much focusing on the future with laser based instruments that provide many benefits over and above the older techniques. Take the Teledyne API T500U CAPS NO2 analyser for example (pictured, above). This instrument measures NO2 directly using laser spectroscopy and is faster, more precise, simpler to maintain and uses far less power than traditional methods.
Other new instruments available from ET include the Met One BC1050 bBlack cCarbon monitor. Black cCarbon (BC), present in diesel exhaust emissions, contributes to the overall PM10 and PM2.5 concentration levels and is a good indicator of other air pollution species. It is also of particular interest to those studying atmospheric chemistry and climate change. The BC1050 is a fully automated instrument that reports BC data on an hourly basis with the absolute minimum of operator maintenance.
When it comes to air pollution monitoring, ET says it can help, whether it is greenhouse gas measurements, air quality monitoring, process control or stack/CEMS monitoring. With a wide range of instruments, tailor made service contracts and over 32 years’ experience, ET really can help provide air pollution solutions.