CO2 meter for high concentration applications

FINNISH measurement specialist Vaisala has introduced a carbon dioxide meter for applications with higher CO2 concentrations, such as life science incubators, cold storage systems and fruit and vegetable transportation and storage. The Carbocap GMP251 carbon dioxide probe is said to provide stable, reliable and accurate performance where the amount of CO2 reaches percentage levels (0 to 20%).


For example, in incubator control and monitoring in life science applications, carbon dioxide levels are used to control pH levels and to optimize cell cultivation environments. In another application, fruit and vegetable storage, the probe can be used to control and monitor the levels of CO2 emitted by these consumables.

The stand-alone probe provides both analogue and digital outputs, works with an operating temperature from -40 to +60 °C, and has an IP65-classified housing.

The probe uses Vaisala’s second-generation Carbocap technology incorporating the firm’s Micro-glow light source technology – a silicon MEMS-based infrared source, said to underpin the reliability and stability of the technology, since it offers advantages over filament lamp light sources, enabling improved accuracy, stability and lifetime.

All products are manufactured in Finland by Vaisala, and include a calibration certificate.