Scraper maker claims cost edge

HALF-bridge scrapers made by A&J Fabtech rotate around a central pivot in circular settlement tanks and are said to provide a cost effective option for removing sludge and scum which has settled to the bottom. The firm claims to take the half-bridge scraper concept to new benchmark standards, boosting performance while also minimising maintenance requirements.


A&J Fabtech’s half-bridge scrapers are based on a modular design which means each one can be tailored to meet the requirements of its application. Each scraper includes a carefully matched drive unit to provide the required speed and power.

The company builds each half-bridge scraper to meet the application’s typical load conditions and tank parameters. The design team can also include additional features such as loss of motion detection and mechanical torque overload protection.

These features on the half-bridge scrapers, combined with automatic greasing of the slew ring bearing, mean maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum. The scrapers also incorporate a fully adjustable system for mounting the scraper blade, while the blades are reversible for extra longevity.

The A&J Fabtech half-bridge scraper service offers the best quality at every stage of a project. The standardised, modular design of the half-bridge scraper, coupled with a focus on a UK-base supply chain, means A&J Fabtech can offer fast lead times. And once the half-bridge scraper has been delivered, installed and commissioned, A&J Fabtech can provide maintenance and technical support.

Although A&J Fabtech can supply half-bridge scrapers of any size, typical sizes are from 5m to 35m. Tank depths are usually between 2m and 3.5m and their side walls slope at 7 degrees to 15 degrees. The firm’s Water Treatment division will custom build bridges to meet any tank size, design and specification.

Options include access ladders, stairs, walkways and handrails, all constructed to meet British Standard or other Standard specifications. A half-bridge scraper design could also include advanced features such as fitments for sludge blank detection equipment, torque monitoring equipment, drive carriage obstruction detectors, and other instrumentation.

With these functions, A&J Fabtech half-bridge scrapers achieve the highest possible levels of operational availability and optimal return on investment.

Drive traction improvement options the A&J Fabtech can provide for its half-bridge scrapers include anti-slip running surfaces, defrosting heat lamps for winter and cold climate operation and standstill detection on the idle wheel.

A&J Fabtech can also provide a full suite of flow control baffles on the half-bridge scraper.