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Bespoke sludge thickener blends into background and controls odour

A low-profile sludge thickener has been designed so that it is virtually invisible in its surrounding rural landscape

Steel expertise

Stainless steel offers many advantages for fabrication projects, with corrosion resistance being one of the most important, says A&J Fabtech.
Stainless Steel container

Stainless steel option for toughest jobs

A&J Fabtech has invested in machinery, computer systems, personnel and training to develop top-flight capabilities in stainless steel projects

Getting to an agreeable settlement

A&J Fabtech offers a few thoughts on picket fence thickeners, which it provides for water treatment and industrial users. Picket fence thickeners enable the thickening...

Scraper maker claims cost edge

HALF-bridge scrapers made by A&J Fabtech rotate around a central pivot in circular settlement tanks and are said to provide a cost effective option...