SEPA enquiry at Nigg treatment works

SEPA has launched a public enquiry into operational activities at Nigg Waste Water Treatment Works in the Torry area of Aberdeen, it was reported in late April. The move follows a sharp rise in odour complaints made about the plant during March.

shutterstock_394816393The plant has been a focus of complaints since it opened in 2001. However, these had been on a downward trend since October of last year. Only three odour complaints were made to SEPA during February in the Torry region, two of which specifically mentioned the plant. In March this rose to 22 complaints, of which 14 were specifically about the treatment works, according to a report in the Press & Journal in April.

The site is owned by Scottish Water and at present is run by Kelda Water.

Professor Rob Jackson was appointed by Scottish Water to seek a solution to the problem. Speaking to the Press & Journal in April he said the spike in complaints had occurred during a period in which “temporary measures” were in place, while an effort was underway to rebuild the infrastructure of the plant.

SEPA commented on the case to the Press & Journal, in a 24 April article. It said that while it was aware of “allegations surrounding activities at the plant, the investigative process prevents us from providing further details”.

As part of its enquiry, SEPA is asking residents affected by the odour problem to come forward and provide information.