Web-enabled ambient particulates monitor

Ashtead Technology has added the new TSI Environmental Dusttrak Aerosol Monitor to its fleet of environmental monitoring equipment. Available to rent or purchase, the Environmental DustTrak supports the continuous monitoring of ambient particulates and utilises a ‘cloud’ based data management system.

“This new instrument, which is able to measure PMTotal, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0 mass fractions simultaneously, will be ideal for a wide variety of applications in which monitoring ambient particulate is a concern.” says Ashtead’s Josh Thomas. “It will provide environmental health officers, planning authorities, environmental consultants and construction companies with the ability to accurately monitor particulate levels and be alerted by text or e-mail if concentrations are breached; before, during and after construction projects and during traffic surveys for example.”
Air pollution from vehicle emissions is prominent in the media following the Volkswagen scandal and the UK Government’s failure to meet EU air quality levels for particulates. So, as a small portable monitor, that is easy to set up and run, the Environmental DustTrak will provide an opportunity to monitor particulate pollution in almost any location.
The device is housed in a weather-proof, lockable enclosure and utilises ‘cloud’ based connectivity. “The Environmental DustTrak Monitor employs proven DustTrak technology that thousands of people use every day,” adds Josh. “However, now that affordable, ambient fine-particulate monitoring is available in a transportable, web-enabled instrument, the number of applications for this instrument will be enormous.”