Intelligent Plant uses AI to improve productivity

Wet processing equipment maker CDE is exhibiting (at Bauma 2019) its “Intelligent Plant” product which utilises advances in machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor and automate previously manual processes.

Enabling the plant to “make smart decisions in real time”, Intelligent Plant can boost productivity by up to 40 per cent with a payback period of under six months, says CDE.

Tom Houston, Director of CustomCare at CDE, said: “We are constantly striving for innovations to help customers maximise output with minimum effort. Intelligent Plant has created thinking plants that reduce downtime, maintenance and fixed costs while increasing yield and revenues for plant owners by almost half – and in some cases even more.”

Material overloading can cause considerable disruption to the running of a plant. Overloading can impact plant optimisation resulting in lower yields and the need for greater maintenance. Intelligent Plant uses a series of belt-weighers to accurately establish the amount of material which enters the plant and determine the ratio between sand, aggregates and silt output.

If the plant is running at below optimal utilisation where weightings and output are unbalanced against set targets or failing to maximise on production capacity, the plant will respond to address the issue itself in real time by, for example, adjusting feed rates, says the firm.

The product is based on is based on a technology called OptiMax, the latest addition to the firm’s CORE product range, which has been developed with the aim of giving customers greater control of their plant. CORE uses automation and sensors to monitor and enhance productivity, minimise downtime, automate processes and lower operating costs while maximising profitability.

Any CDE plant ordered during or within three weeks of bauma 2019 will receive a free Intelligent Plant upgrade, including a three-year subscription. Existing customers interested in upgrading their plant to an Intelligent Plant are eligible for a 40 per cent discount.

CDE is exhibiting in the outdoor exhibition area North/East – Stand FN 1022/1 and Stand B2 119 in the main exhibition hall at bauma 2019, from April 8 – 14.