Novel gas transport leasing service

Calvera-gas-transportGreen gas producers will be able to get their fuel to market more economically, says Spanish gas transport specialist Calvera, following the introduction of a new leasing service.

The family firm has already signed two separate leasing deals – one to an international utility, the other to a major gas supplier – and now plans to roll out the service Europe-wide.

In what they claim is an industry first, Calvera is offering to lease their entire range of gas transport options – including trailers and mobile refuelling units – to customers including biomethane producers, ESCOs and energy utilities.

They believe the service will ‘significantly improve’ the economics for many biogas producers and will also appeal to specialist gas transport firms. Commenting on the service, Calvera chief executive Rafael Calvera said: “Getting gas to the end user in the most cost-effective way can be a challenge for producers of hydrogen, biomethane and CNG.

“We think this leasing service significantly improves the economics of supplying and distributing ‘green gas’, by simplifying the overall business model. For any new scheme it will reduce up front capital expenditure and will help overall project financing,” Calvera says.

Through the service Calvera is making its entire range available, including mobile refuelling units and lightweight modules which can be lifted on and off supply trucks via a hydraulic hook-lift crane.