Successful DVSA prosecution shows perils of supplying and fitting illegal emissions control parts

Victory in a new legal action by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) seems to highlight importance of providing type approved emission control parts to the aftermarket.

The results of a recent prosecution, led by the DVSA’s Market Surveillance Unit, at the end of October, have just been made public. The crime was supplying diesel particulate filters (DPFs) that wrongly claimed to be Euro V standard, when they were only approved for Euro IV. This is the first successful prosecution for supplying products which fail to meet required environmental standards.

“This case highlights why it is crucial that the aftermarket only selects and fits type approved parts when it comes to emissions control – anything else really is a false economy,” says Neil Koston, Aftermarket Manager with exhaust and emission control systems manufacturer Eminox. “The DVSA is sending a clear message – obey environmental regulations or face prosecution. Distributors and fitters should be aware of the law and make sure all emissions control parts are type approved and correctly marked if they want to avoid prosecution and consequent financial and reputational damage.”

Full details of the case are outlined here in the IAAF Bulletin