Listen up: Limited time offer on noise monitoring equipment

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According to estimates from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 21,000 workers suffered with work related hearing problems between 2017 and 2019, with industrial hearing loss accounting for ~75% of all occupational disease claims. Worldwide, it is estimated that up to 24% of instances of hearing impairment are related to noise exposure in the workplace.

Correct monitoring procedure requires correct equipment. Body-worn noise dosimeters allow safety managers to monitor workers individual noise exposure throughout an entire shift pattern as they move through different areas of their work environments and are exposed to different noise sources. When levels for specific areas need to be taken with a high degree of accuracy, in order to perform potentially necessary actions such as noise control, calculating hearing protection requirements or demarking hearing protection zones, using a Sound Level Meter (SLM) gives the confidence of accurate and comprehensive spot-readings.

Bedfordshire based Casella, leading manufacturers of monitoring solutions for noise, dust and vibration, understands the importance of a comprehensive approach to ensuring workplace noise is monitored and controlled to reduce long term health hazards including Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

Part of this commitment is ensuring that end users have access to the right equipment for the job, whether these users are part of a large or small company or are independent occupational hygiene professionals. Casella has announced two limited-time special offers that give end users access to a complete solution to workplace noise monitoring.


Offer 1: Buy a 5 way dBadge2 kit (Plus or Pro model) and get a CEL-620A2 Sound Level Meter free!

This gives buyers access to a full complement of dBadge2 noise dosimeters, as well as a sound level meter worth £1,100. The sound level meter is ideal for walk through surveys and performing comprehensive measurements, checking dosimeter recorded levels and enacting noise control and hearing protection zone setup.


Offer 2: Buy a CEL-620A or 63XA Sound Level Meter and upgrade to a B (octave) model for free!

The octave variant of Casella’s trusted Sound Level Meter allows users to precisely select the required level of hearing protection needed for specific workplace areas and survey all workplace noise parameters simultaneously. The upgrade is worth £550 in value.

For more information on these limited-time offers, where to buy or for more on Casella’s range of monitoring solutions, visit