Sponsored content: Introducing two new Mecana Systems in the UK

This article is sponsored by Eliquo Hydrok

Eliquo Hydrok have added two new Mecana technologies to their existing Pile Cloth Media Filtration (PCMF) systems available for the UK Water and Wastewater markets.

Mecana Optifiber PES-14-DW® pile cloth media

Drinking Water & Surface Water Pre-Filtration

Eliquo Hydrok have the UK distribution for the Mecana Pile Cloth Filter Media within their portfolio of Clean Water Treatment Processes, Drinking Water and Surface Water pre-filtration treatment utilising the Mecana Optifiber PES-14-DW® pile cloth media.

Pile cloth media filtration can be used as a resilient pre-filtration solution to address the problems associated with algal blooms occurring in water extracted from surface water sources. Mecana PCMF systems can be used as an economical and an efficient pre-filtration stage in the treatment of surface water to produce drinking water or process water.

The system utilises the disc configuration and the exclusive OptiFiber PES-14-DW® pile cloth filtration media, to effectively filter; a wide range of algae typically responsible for seasonal algal blooms, from diatoms and other unicellular algae in spring to filamentous types such as Melosira more common in the summer, surface water particles and suspended solids without the use of chemicals.

The pre-treatment of raw water is an important step in the multi-stage water treatment process, since it impacts crucially on the operating efficiency of the main treatment and after-treatment processes further downstream.

Drinking water production with surface water from reservoirs or rivers is faced with a challenge of the removal of low density suspended solids and algae. In the context of climate change, droughts may impact reservoir water quality and result in more prolonged and severe algal challenges. An affordable chemical-free alternative to traditional processes such as sand filtration and DAF can be provided by pre-filtration with pile cloth media.

Pile Cloth Media Primary Filtration cloth media filtration system

Primary & Post Primary Filtration

The Pile Cloth Media Primary Filtration cloth media filtration system is designed as an economical and efficient solution for the treatment of primary wastewater and wet weather applications. This system utilises a disk configuration and the exclusive OptiFiber PF-14® pile cloth filtration media to effectively filter high solids waste streams without the use of chemicals. This technology is ideal for primary wastewater treatment as a primary filter, as an alternative to a conventional primary treatment; or it can also be used as a post primary filter in series after a conventional primary treatment, due to its proven removal efficiencies and high quality effluent, even under varying influent conditions.

The Primary Filtration system is designed to handle a wide range of flows in a fraction of space compared to conventional primary clarifiers. The system’s high solids removal in comparison to conventional treatment provides more energy and operational savings within the wastewater treatment plant due to reduced loads to the secondary process and the increase of organic solids for anaerobic digestion, producing more energy. Pile Cloth Media Primary Filtration contributes to the positive energy balance of WwTP’s.

Lewis O’Brien, Technical Director at Eliquo Hydrok said, “These two evolutions of the well proven Mecana Pile Cloth Media Filtration technology not only provide exciting new opportunities to advance future water and wastewater treatment, but also stand as excellent examples of the commitment to research and development shared by both Eliquo and our core technology partners”

For further information contact Lewis O’Brien, Eliquo Hydrok, 01726 862000.