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RRC is a well-established health and safety and environmental management training provider, with over 90 years experience of delivering high-quality training and education worldwide. It offers a range of IEMA environmental management courses, suitable for all with interest or responsibilities for Environmental Management.

IEMA courses provide the knowledge, skills and tools needed to help organisations deliver environmental performance that delivers real business benefit. IEMA is the leading international membership organisation for those involved in the environmental profession. RRC’s IEMA courses:

  • IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management
  • IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management
  • IEMA Certified Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce
  • IEMA Certified Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers
  • IEMA Certificate Leading with Environmental Sustainability

RRC’s IEMA courses are designed to effectively deliver the knowledge and skills needed to make a real difference in the workplace and ensure you pass your IEMA assessment. All assessments can be taken online and we offer flexible assessment dates.

All RRC online IEMA courses are fully tutor-supported and you have access to an online forum as part of your course, enabling you to share ideas and experiences with your fellow learners. Along with this you will receive a full PDF version of the IEMA study texts which can be downloaded and read offline. The RRC Customer Services team will support you through the entire process of your study, ensuring you are equipped with all you need to succeed in your studies

These courses are also available by In-Company delivery. Gary Fallaize, RRC Managing Director commented: ‘’During a time where most of us have extra free time, these courses are brilliant for developing knowledge and skills in the critical area of Environmental Management.’’

For further information on these courses please call 0208 944 3100 or email info@rrc.co.uk.