Pong appeasing potato processing

potato processing

Following an installation two years ago of Landia Chopper Pumps and a Landia Aeration System, wasterwater management firm MSE Systems is set to install a further three units for one of the UK’s leading suppliers of potatoes.

During an upgrade to the customer’s potato processing factory, Chesterfield-based MSE Systems decided to add a high-efficiency Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) plant, realising that this would improve the activated sludge process by reducing oxygen demand. They also added a new chemical addition system to accommodate the future requirements of the plant, and this was to remove suspended solids, free emulsified oils, grease and elevated residual phosphorus.

To control odours of screened potato effluent in a balance tank, the project opted for an 11kW Landia AirJet system. In addition, two submersible Landia Chopper Pumps were brought in to pump screened potato effluent from a 4.5m deep pit (500m away), which included an additional 4m lift.

Andy Neal, Design Manager at MSE Systems, said: “Our challenge, which meant utilising a very small footprint between the existing plants, was to help our customer meet and maintain a stringent Environment Agency discharge consent, so that they remain fully compliant. The Landia AirJet and Chopper Pumps have proved very reliable and cost-effective, so it gave us the confidence to invest further in this equipment as the best, long-term solution.

He added: “For a new packing line, two submersible Landia Chopper Pumps will pump potato effluent, whilst a Landia Jet Mix system will mix organic sludge (dissolved solids 3-5%) in a 60m3 tank”.

MSE Systems ensured that the initial installation proceeded with the minimal amount of disruption, in order for their customer to reopen on schedule. Despite the tight time frame, the new wastewater treatment plant was delivered by MSE Systems ahead of deadline and within budget.